Theme: Back The Blue

The festival dates are October 2nd - October 7th, 2017, with the parade on Saturday, October 1st. The parade start time is at 12:00 noon, with the line-up starting at 10:30 a.m. A check-in booth will be set up at Main Street Ext. and Union Road. Please do not go to the line-up area until you have checked in with a festival official at 10:30. To get to the check-in point, take Park St. to Union Rd. and you will be directed.

Any vehicle not in the parade will not be permitted in the line-up area. If you need to drop off someone for the parade, you may do so at the barricade located on Main St.(Hwy 122) directly across from the video store, or line up area.

PLEASE NOTE: Candy or other objects cannot be thrown from your parade entry. A person or persons must walk with your unit and hand out these items.

Please fill out the registration form and return it by September 29th.There is no fee to enter the parade.

2017 Parade Application

If you have any questions,please call 229-560-0716 or 229-794-1425